(in Polish: Stowarzyszenie Uzytkownikow Mizara, hence the acronym SUM)

SUM's aim is popularizing, propagating and promoting the Mizar language. The means to realize this aim are:
  • collecting and propagating studies on the Mizar language,
  • providing instructions concerning the knowledge and use of the Mizar language,
  • supporting efforts aiming at formalizing mathematics in the Mizar language,
  • organizing and developing a library of articles in the Mizar language as well as its propagating,
  • carrying out research on the development of the Mizar language and on the extension of its domain of application.
In order to obtain the ordinary membership of the SUM one must:
  • use the Mizar language actively,
  • be introduced by two members of the Association (charter members or ordinary members who belong to the Association for no less than three years),
  • obtain a positive decision of the Board of Direction of SUM.
Current Board of Direction of SUM:
  • Czeslaw Bylinski - Chairman
  • Adam Naumowicz - Vice-Chairman
  • Artur Kornilowicz - Treasurer, Member of the Library Committee
  • Adam Grabowski - Member, Head of the Library Committee
  • Roman Matuszewski - Member
Current Board of Control of SUM:
  • Mariusz Zynel - Head
  • Mariusz Giero - Member
  • Karol Pak - Member
Current Fellow Member Arbitration Board of SUM:
  • Mariusz Giero - Head
  • Karol Pak - Member
  • Mariusz Zynel - Member

Download 'Application for admission form' in PDF or PS format.

Monthly membership fee is currently 10 PLN.
SUM's bank account IBAN number:
PL 18 1160 2202 0000 0000 5482 1388

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Last modified: November 15, 2022